DevOps Engineer

Job Description
  • Analyze current technology utilized within the company and develop steps and processes to improve and expand upon them
  • Establish milestones for necessary contributions from departments and develop processes to facilitate their collaboration
  • Work closely with engineering professionals within the company to maintain hardware and software needed for projects to be completed efficiently
  • Build and maintain systems that will monitor all aspects of the application and the infrastructure
  • Work with team to deploy and manage tools that support SDLC automation, configuration management, and release management.

  • 4+ years of professional experience in dev. operations engineering, cyber security, data security or related job
  • Minimum bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or related equivalent experience
  • Excellent understanding of Ruby, Python, Perl, and Java
  • Experienced in configuration and managing databases such as MySQL, Mongo
  • Good understanding in using various tools, open-source technologies, and cloud services

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Work Opportunity at Ajaib in May 2022 - Loker Startup

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