Blockchain Developer

You will be joining an elite team using the Blockchain for the next big thing that will impact the lives of many in Indonesia.

  • Development of smart contracts.
  • Generating child wallets/addresses (including multi-sig wallets).
  • Consolidating on-chain tokens, or Batching mechanism to allow the exchange of on-chain tokens between users.
  • Development of send token feature (Create blockchain transaction with multiple inputs and outputs).
  • Verify that a transaction/record is part of a Merkle-tree
  • Learn about Multi-party computation and Multi-sig security systems & key-ceremonies.
  • Assist in generating QR-code for receiving on-chain tokens.
  • Assist implementation of cryptographic-based device activation in the mobile app.

  • Understand Bitcoin’s UTXO model.
  • Understand Ethereum’s account model.
  • Understand how to lower blockchain transaction costs/fees (
  • Understand at least one Blockchain programming language (e.g. Solidity)
  • Experience with at least one backend language (preferably Golang).
  • Is comfortable with reading academic/research papers.
  • Excellent verbal written communication skills (English).

  • Supportive teammates
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Self-development activities that support careers
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote working during pandemic
  • Broaden your knowledge in financial investment

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Work Opportunity at Stockbit in May 2022 - Loker Startup

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