Engineering Trainer
To those code enthusiasts who also have passion in learning and teaching, Engineering Trainer is the call you have been waiting for. You will be part of our growing Academy team and heavily involved in the development of our Engineering team.

  • Responsible in designing fun yet applicable lessons and activities to create the best learning experience for our Engineer
  • Create in-demand learning materials to ensure comprehensive understanding from the learners, varied from handouts, guides, presentations, etc
  • Maintain and revise the training curriculum to meet the ever-changing trend of technology that align with our business goals
  • Carry out technical training in the most engaging way that can trigger curiosities and establish positive learning environment
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each training performed with a rigorous method to come up with a better approach next time
  • Provide constructive feedback to our engineer to improve their technical skill
  • Passionately learn the newest trend and development in software program and technology

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelor degree in any technology major will give you basic understanding on your job
  • At least four years experience as an engineer will give you credibility while teaching and developing our team
  • Having a teaching experience will be a plus

Additional Experience:
  • Experience in Golang and PHP language

Interested? Apply this vacancy on:

Work Opportunity at Majoo in June 2022 - Loker Startup

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