Productivity Engineer

Job Descriptions:
  • Efficient communication channel and streamlined workflow is key in building highly effective team collaboration.
  • Your position as a Productivity Engineer will require you to have comprehensive view of our workflow, identify any issues and implement the necessary scalable solutions. You need to have experience in working with teams in very dynamic environment and be passionate about creating efficient team workflows to fit into this role.
  • You will be involved in communicating with many different teams not limited to just engineering teams and exploring possible solutions via R&D. You will also need to write some awesome code if it is required as part of the solution.

  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills will be essential
  • Able to code in any of these programming languages : NodeJS / Golang / Python
  • Experience in utilizing productivity tools/services(SaaS) such as SlackBot, Zapier, JIRA
  • Experience and skills in cloud infrastructure provisioning is a BIG plus
  • Experience with writing CI/CD pipelines is a BIG Plus
  • Exceptional written, visual, and oral communication skills to engage a variety of audiences, including developers, QA professionals, and senior decision makers
  • Highly motivated and a strong desire to make an impact. Capable of being productive when working either collaboratively or independently
  • Open-minded, accepting of different perspectives and willingness to measure and experiment

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Work Opportunity at Stockbit Indonesia in August 2022 - Loker Startup

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