Career Opportunity at TikTok - June 2023

Time-Sensitive Content Operations Lead

Responsibilities :
TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.  

At TikTok, our people are humble, intelligent, compassionate, and creative. We create to inspire - for you, for us, and for more than 1 billion users on our platform. We lead with curiosity and aim for the highest, never shying away from taking calculated risks and embracing ambiguity as it comes. Here, the opportunities are limitless for those who dare to pursue bold ideas that exist just beyond the boundary of possibility. Join us and make impact happen with a career at TikTok.  

Our Trust & Safety team's commitment is to keep our online community safe. We have invested heavily in human and machine-based moderation to remove harmful content quickly and often before it reaches our general community.  

To eliminate any doubt, this role involves reading, viewing, listening and examining user-generated content to ensure they comply with community guidelines. Content includes images, video, text related to every day life, but they can also include (but are not limited to) bullying; hate speech; child abuse; sexual assault; torture; bestiality; self-harm; suicide; murder.  

Please note that this role may require relocation to other markets based on organizational needs and operational requirements.  

Job Description : 
  • Responsible for improving core product ops metrics in APAC markets, including but not limited to regional search growth, content expansion, and user experience.
  • Expand search candidate pool with time-sensitive content, including but not limited to news/events/verticals that meet product demand by leading team members in various markets, responsible for content growth and core metrics growth.
  • Lead, manage, recruit & develop regional content operation teams, helping them to achieve their full potential and maintain high standards & quality of work.
  • Continuously evaluate outcomes, manage performance, establish and optimize the workflow and SOPs, report, analyze, and optimize the cross-market team-working process to ensure content strategy enforcement, content productivity, and quality, as well as efficiency goals to be met.
  • Lead the team to perform policy, process & strategy localization, use RCA, data analysis & deep dives to strengthen the team's understanding and performance, establish and maintain content criteria in various markets, and provide professional suggestions for optimization.
  • Cooperate with cross-functional teams such as product, research & development, and local operation teams to optimize search content strategies and achieve regional targets.
  • Your ability to work in a high-tempo environment, adapt, and respond to the day-to-day challenges of the role.
  • Your resilience and commitment to self-care to manage the emotional demands of the role.
  • Please note that this position involves exposure to sensitive content, including but not limited to vulgar content, violence, pornography, and fake news.

Qualifications : 
Requirements & Qualifications 
  • Bachelor's degree or above; minimum 8 years relevant work experience in the tech industry, including but not limited to content, operation, news, search, or related areas.
  • Minimum 5 years of management or people manager experience, preferably in cross-market management (profound understanding of APAC market culture/user/media/content).
  • Primary understanding of Search Engines, Trending Topics, and social media platforms, including but not limited to TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  • Excellent multilingual skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia, both of which are working languages.
  • Expertise in data analysis, cross-cultural communication, and comprehensive project management.
  • Experience in working with multiple stakeholders and collaborating across business units.
  • Team player, goal-oriented, ready to embrace change and challenges, and able to work in a global team efficiently. 

  • Please be aware of all forms of fraud.
  • Always avoid job vacancies that charge fees during the recruitment process, because looking for work is actually an attempt to find and get paid, and not to be collected.
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Career Opportunity at TikTok - June 2023

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