Senior Software Engineer - Backend
Job Description:
  • Provide technical leadership in a fast-moving, data-driven environment
  • You will be deeply engaged in the full development lifecycle designing, developing, testing, deploying, maintaining, monitoring, and improving software
  • You will deploy code daily and use data to drive our decisions while delivering software and analytics to consumers and dealers
  • You will own your projects and collaborate with fellow engineers and product partners as you solve interesting problems
  • You will have a space to drive technical discussions for your team and communicate your ideas
  • You will be a mentor for your junior peers while also get the chance to learn from the best talents from the industry
  • Write well-formatted modular code
  • Compile and integrate changes with the project
  • Implement unit tests and functional tests for their tasks
  • Convert given high-level software design to low-level software design
  • Use suitable technologies to solve the problem at hand
  • Perform debugging and fix bugs, have competency in at least 1 programming language

Minimum Qualifications:
  • BS degree in Computer Science / Computer Engineering or equivalent work experience
  • 3+ years active software development
  • Excellent coding skill in Go, Java or similar object-oriented languages
  • Experience in different databases. Relational (PostgreSQL or MySQL) or NoSQL(Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Scylla or YugabyteDB)
  • Full-SDLC cycle, with large-scale live roll-out participation as a developer
  • Good cross group collaboration and communication skills
  • Passion for building customer value

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Experienced on designing and building large scale distributed system, highly available, highly reliable systems.
  • Experienced on debugging complex issues at every level of the stack
  • Experienced building clean, maintainable, and well-tested code
  • Solid Experience with Golang (understand how the Go runtime works, experience on debugging Go’s production issue, able to see potential performance improvements)
  • Able to do performance benchmarking, profiling and monitoring

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Work Opportunity at Tokopedia in March 2022 - Loker Startup

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