Product Development and Growth Marketing Lead 
What You Will Do
  • Design and deliver safe and user friendly crypto products. Build centralized cryptocurrency investment platform and make it easier and safer for consumers to use DeFi services
  • Research user problems, stay ahead of market developments in the crypto space, research 3rd party solutions and build relationships with key partners
  • Grow and lead the work of a cross functional team (user research, data analytics, technical writing, front end, and API developers) to be user focused, discovery led, and data driven as the consumer’s advocate.
  • Build and grow a team of data analysts, own critical parts of the consumer journey. As you create better financial experiences, you will also partner with other teams to enable enterprise-grade transactions and customer experience.
  • Build and drive the user acquisition, engagement and conversion through education and various marketing channels (internet marketing, offline marketing and growth marketing)
  • Design, plan and execute user promotions and campaigns in collaboration with other BUs.
  • Build the data analytics funnels and dashboards and drive data driven product feedback and improvements. 
  • Work with compliance, partners and regulators to decipher regulators views on crypto related regulations and help build compliant products.

What You Will Need
  • Good understanding of blockchain technology, crypto tokonomics, yield generating protocols and defi
  • Understanding of key components and ecosystem that powers cryptocurrency exchange platform products
  • Have experiment in building asset trading and brokerage platforms (preferably crypto) that operate at large scale
  • Deep understanding of various marketing and user engagement channels. 
  • Proven experience in designing and executing online/offline promotions and campaigns to drive user engagement, adoption and retention
  • You have aligned teams and stakeholders on a shared vision tied to larger strategy
  • Experience with data analytics platforms and ability to analyze data at scale to power business and product decisions. 
  • You have orchestrated cross-functional teams of data analysts, designers, product managers and engineers
  • You have facilitated user research or experiments to validate hypotheses
  • You have used metrics and feedback to drive development
  • Have experience with all phases of the software development lifecycle and of the problems developers face at each with debugging, observability, monitoring and troubleshooting tools
  • Demonstrated awareness of the DeFi landscape and familiarity with different financial primitives and protocols that live on top of it

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Work Opportunity at GoTo in November 2022 - Loker Startup

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